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Be Free... enable your tech


Sites that get the point across and are customized to your needs.


Have all your tech work in harmony. From computer to tablet to iphone to cameras. I can manage it for you.


Just ask. I am sure I can help. I’ve been using tech before it was cool.


By day I manage a team of developers. I can help you or your team too.

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I am passionate about helping people succeed by enabling them to deliver with greater volume, efficiency, and accuracy. With over 20 years experience, I’ve helped a non-profit grow into a global leader in their niche, managed a portfolio of projects with success from publicly traded companies to small businesses and have been a part of some great teams. These experiences have allowed me to take on leadership roles. I am here to help. I’ve discovered when you work with someone, instead of just for them, a real synergy takes place and the results are something everyone is proud of.

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